How it all works

Though scientists don’t know exactly how yoga works for good health because they still work with the mechanistic model as opposed to the holographic model, it is a proven mind-body therapy, building our Prana capability, turning our cells back on, thus causing the release of endorphins — natural painkillers — and other “feel good” chemicals from the brain.

Yoga posture
Yoga pose

At Real Yogi, we use the holographic model of the body, where every part knows what every other part is doing. We open up the ‘dark spaces’ of the physical body and ‘pressure wash’ our insides with Prana.

Yoga is a therapy that can be used alongside conventional medicine to treat a wide range of health ailments by removing the blocks and enabling the body to cure disease. Yoga is, therefore, a perfect holistic approach for attaining good health. It has become more popular than ever, with people from almost every walk of life practicing it.