About Real Yoga

Real Yogi is a yoga school run by Mike Lever using live stream remote classes (via YouTube) as well as actual student present classes to learn Real Yoga, held in Southampton. Mike has taken his successful therapy practice established in 1994 into the art, science and experience of Real Yoga. His qualifications and experience as a Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotist, Mindfulness based CBT Practitioner, NLP and Self Relations Therapist along with his interest in Buddhism, has given him a real edge as a Living Yoga teacher which he then took further into extensive training in Advanced Yoga techniques.

It became increasingly obvious to Mike that that the catastrophic mental health crisis that was unfolding in society was in fact more like a spiritual health crisis, even the medical profession were focussing too much on the symptoms, such as stress, addictions, depression, self harm and anxiety, rather than the cause, which was simply a detachment from their own sense of identity. Mike then took his personal interest in Buddhism further, as he began to practice and study Yoga and then later teaching the Power of Real Yoga to connect with our inner Yogi.

We are passionate about reclaiming the body from the atrophy caused by misuse and imbalance. Real Yoga reverses aging markers and allows Illness to become wellness once more. We organise our sessions in 4 weekly cycles. The first week is The Standing kriyas with Pranayama. The second week is The Mat kriyas with Pranayama. The third week is The Deepeners with Pranayama and the fourth week is The Workshop with Pranayama.